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A MATRIMONIAL MURDER paperback mockup.png

In the game of

marriage, everyone

has secrets.

Some, however, are

more dangerous than


Matchmaker extraordinaire, Sarla Seth, who runs Soul Harmony, the most prestigious matrimonial bureau in town, is worried. She’s been receiving threatening messages accompanied by ominous tarot cards, which are becoming impossible to ignore. In her 30 years of matchmaking, she’s left behind a few unhappy clients and jealous competitors, but surely, none of them would wish her actual harm? Fiercely protective of her bureau’s reputation, she’s reluctant to involve the police. However, when a woman is found murdered in the office, a shocked Sarla is forced to admit that things at her beloved Soul Harmony may not be that harmonious, after all.


Award-winning novelist, Radhi Zaveri is working on a book on arranged marriages, even though she’d much rather be writing mysteries. After the dozens of deadlines she’s missed over the past two years, her agent insists this will appease her publishers. She’s at Soul Harmony for research, when she stumbles upon the body of the murdered woman and becomes embroiled in the drama that unfolds. While the police begin their investigation, Radhi’s conversations with Sarla’s staff and clients, give rise to worrying questions of their own.  As she hunts for answers, Radhi consults astrologers, goes on arranged-dates and discovers that marriage on Temple Hill is a deadly serious business. Just how deadly though, she’s about to find out.


A Matrimonial Murder is the second in the Temple Hill Mystery series.

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